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Lisa Schwartz, PhD is a psychologist in the Division of Oncology, a behavioral scientist and faculty member in the Centers for Childhood Cancer Research and Center for Pediatric Clinical Effectiveness, and an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at the Perelman School of Medicine at UPenn.

Dr. Schwartz helmed a Department of Pediatrics Chair’s Initiative to assess text messaging attitudes and use amongst CHOP research and QI. The study identified barriers, practices, and opportunities for text messaging use within research and clinical practice. A companion survey with a convenience sample of parents and patients looked at texting attitudes and practices within clinical care.

In 2015, Dr. Schwartz completed a pilot RCT of a text messaging intervention (THRIVE- Texting Health-related Resources to Inform, motiVate, and Engage) for health maintenance and promotion among adolescent and young adult cancer survivors. The study found tailored health communication delivered via texts to be feasible and has the potential for significantly addressing AYA cancer survivorship needs. She currently has two additional grants from the St. Baldrick’s Foundation and CDC to expand and improve on elements of the pilot to implement THRIVE 2.0 with additional tailored text messages, gamification elements, and applets to facilitate self-management. THRIVE 2.0 will be evaluated in an RCT with 210 AYA cancer survivors.

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Nadia Dowshen, MD, MSHP is Director of Adolescent HIV Services, and co-Director of the Gender and Sexuality Development Clinic in the Division of Adolescent Medicine, Faculty at PolicyLab, and an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at the Perelman School of Medicine at UPenn.

Dr. Dowshen’s research focuses on using mHealth interventions to improve health outcomes for adolescents at risk and living with HIV/AIDS. She previously completed a pilot study of interactive text messaging which improved adherence to antiretroviral therapy among HIV+ youth having difficulty taking their medications. Currently her NIH K23 career development award and HRSA Special Programs of National Significance grant focus on developing and testing a novel mobile health (mHealth) app intervention to improve adherence to antiretroviral therapy and engagement in care for HIV+ young men who have sex with men (YMSM) and young transgender women (YTW), who are disproportionately affected by the HIV epidemic in the US. Her multidisciplinary team uses a unique patient-centered, incubator approach. The team's intervention design approach relies on the theories of ecological momentary intervention/assessment and supportive accountability in order to extend relationships with care providers beyond the clinic setting and provide support in the real times and places youth need it as they go about their daily lives.

Dr. Dowshen also helped to implement and led the evaluation of the CHOP IKnowUShould2 digital and print media campaign, targeted at Philadelphia youth to improve knowledge and testing behaviors for Sexually Transmitted Infections.

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Linda Fleisher, PhD, MPH is a senior scientist and Director of the Digital Health Initiative in the Center for Injury Research and Prevention at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

Dr Fleisher currently co-leads a Chair’s Initiative project, iAPP (Integrating Apps Into Pediatric Practice), that aims to develop a process to integrate rigorously tested health apps into pediatric care at CHOP. This project includes a proof-of-concept evaluation of implementing “prescription” of two mobile health apps to patients/parents by their providers.

Additional research by Dr. Fleisher explores consumers’ perceptions and value of evidence in digital health and how it influences decision-making in using health apps, parent/caregiver perspectives on using smartphones as a tool to improve installation of car seats, pediatric care providers’ awareness and self-reported use of both print and digital child safety materials, evaluating the effectiveness of a website to increase engagement in self-management and medication adherence for those with chronic diseases to, and facilitating the rigorous evaluation of digital health apps.


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