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Samantha Finkelstein, PhD on 1/25/18 at midday

Linda Collins, PhD on 2/27/18 at midday

Susan Murphy, PhD on 6/5/18 at midday


Past events

October 16, 2017- Works in Progress


Abramson 123-C

Sandra Amaral, MD, MHS will present: "U-reaact: A Multi-center Trial to Engage Youth With Kidney and Urological Diseases in Their Treatment Adherence Through Text Messaging, Positive Feedback and Financial Incentives"
Gregory Tasian, MD, MSc, MSCE will present: "PUSH: Integrating Technology, Financial Incentives, and Structured Problem Solving to Maintain High Fluid Intake Among Adolescents and Adults with Kidney Stones"

Dr. Amaral's Slides


June 26th, 2017- mHealth Research at CHOP


Colket 1200A

Overview of current research, the changing digital health space at CHOP and feedback on the mHealth RAG’s first year.


Group Discussion Notes


June 8, 2017- What is the mHealth Service


Colket 1200A

Nalaka Gootneratne, MD and Mauricio Novelo will highlight ongoing projects, including apps to facilitate research recruitment and logistics, monitoring assessments, and mPhenomics (which integrates biometric data), with a focus on NIH grant application strategies



April 5, 2017- Works in Progress discussion

9-10 AM

Hope Auditorium

Tiffany Montgomery, PhD, RNC-OB, C-EFM will present "Adapting an Evidence-based Intervention for STD prevention in young women into Text Messages"
Anne Teitelman, PhD, FNP-BC, FAANP, FAAN and Kristen A. Feemster, MD, MPH, MSPHR will present "Developing a mobile health application to promote uptake of the HPV vaccine among 11-15 year olds"


February 17, 2017- OTT, OEI, OGC Panel Discussion

Abramson 123-C

A panel discussion on intellectual property, contracting, and patenting in mHealth research featuring Zev Sunlief, Patrick Fitzgerald, and Gelvinia Stevenson.


November 3, 2016- Speaker series

Presenter: Christopher Cushing, PhD (University of Kansas)- "Precision Medicine: Methods and Measures for Realizing the Potential of mHealth"


September 19, 2016- mHealth Research Showcase




June 2, 2016 Speaker series

Presenters: Raina Merchant, MD and Dan O’Connor (University of Pennsylvania)


Notes from group activity

Raina Merchant slides

Dan O’Connor slides


May 19, 2016- Kickoff meeting

Presenters: Bryan Wolf, MD and Dennis Durbin


Notes from group activity

Intro slides

Dennis Durbin slides

Video of Dr. Wolf's intro

Video of Mr. Durbin's talk