mHealth Research Affinity Group

mHealth can be used for assessment/monitoring (eg, physical activity tracking), modes of intervention(eg, just-in-time interventions), and modes of communication (eg, telemedicine). Such devices and platforms ranges from the basic (text messages, apps, and social media) to the complex (wearable devices linked to apps and electronic health records; highly tailored text messaging) to the futuristic (implantable and ingestible devices). The mHealth Research Affinity Group will provide a formal structure to coalesce local CHOP-based researchers interested in and/or conducting mHealth research and other stakeholders (e.g., IS, bioinformatics), as well as researchers from other local institutions.

Specific aims are:

  • Foster collaborative efforts to expand the capability to develop, test and integrate mHealth tools and approaches for children, adolescents, and their families.
  • Provide a forum for educational and networking opportunities to enhance knowledge of mHealth and develop potential collaborations both within and outside the RAG.
  • Serve as a liaison to CHOP Research Institute and hospital administration on needs and prioritization of resources to enhance and facilitate mHealth research and its implementation in clinical practice.

Activities include:

  • Facilitate and track collaborations among RAG members
  • Showcase innovative ideas and boost dissemination of RAG member publications
  • Track new mHealth proposals and awarded grants
  • Develop guidelines and a list of recommended vendors for mHealth development
  • Identify key priorities in the integration of mHealth research into the research strategic plan